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Caroline and Arti

The Full Story

I have been under the tutelage of Anne Soule at Foothill Equestrian Center for the past 9 year. During this time I have found the love of liberty and mustangs. Anne has given me the skills to a dream I had a long time ago to dance with Horses. Over the years with Anne I have worked many horses. A wonderful, very smart Arab mare named Gypsy, an incredible quarter horse named Kingsley all of  them and many more have taught me along the way as our relationship and connection grew.


I found a link to a 100 day challenge, you get a wild mustang for 100 days and then take it to a show to meet other mustang lovers and show off the love we have of  these amazing animals. I have been in the horse world long enough to know that horses that don't make it in the human world could end up in kill pens. I took on the responsibility to connect with this mustang at the deepest level I could because I knew that it can be a life and death situation. In understanding the herd mentality that creates a mustang family I also knew that I needed to become part of his herd and then there were times when we were getting to know each other this mustang would sense danger from me. In his mind I was a meat eating predator.


It was my job to change his thoughts on who humans are and to give him another option to the natural fight or flight instinct to danger. As our journey began from

Day one of trailering him to his new home,

day 2 teaching him about gentle pressure on the rope, going in his pen,

day 3 the follow me game, the feel of touch on his body,

Day 4 touch with a training stick and then sliding my hand down for human touch and on went our training.

The depths that Arti had in his eyes, the trust he gave me, the "try" he gives every day has hit the depths of my soul. Horses in general are amazing incredible creatures, to me Mustangs, with their depth of love, survival instinct, and so much raw love for life have captured the very depths of who I am, If you have a mustang and would like help with creating a lasting relationship then please contact me, lets not leave any mustang behind.


Please reach out to learn more (916) 872-3879 or


To Kiss all the wild horses!

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