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Riding Lessons

The Soule Method

Knowing You and The Horse your Riding, From the Inside Out!


"Riding is finding a place of peace and partnership"

Caroline Santo

As your instructor this is my goal for you. It may not happen right away but here is the goal. You and the horse you ride deserve to find this peaceful, exciting partnership."


"I have absolutely loved
my time with Caroline
and the horses! I've
always loved and wanted
horses so this was the 
next best thing.

My Experience with Caroline
took me from knowing
nothing to feeling
comfortable and at home 
with horses.

Learning to
care for them and just learning
how to let time be my friend.
I didn't know horses could bring
such peace and harmony
into my life after 60!!"

Getting a hug from Tari!

Riding Lessons

Basic 101 group class (where everyone starts)

Today is the day that we get to start working together. I am personally so excited for you to come to Holy Spirit and Horses. Each lesson will be a time for you to spend with these wonderful 4 legged majestic creatures. The first 4 lessons are in a group learning the groundwork and energy work we use to become part of the horses' herd.

You will also learn the brushing and correct saddling.

Everything we do at Holy Spirit and horses has God in it. While we are doing these lessons I will be asking you for some team work and individual work (these lessons are like nothing you have ever experienced)

Be ready to love horses and love yourself deeper than ever before.

Choose your Time and click to register!

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