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Liberty Training/Club

The Soule Method

Knowing You and your horse from the Inside Out!


"Being with your horse is finding a place of peace and partnership."

Caroline Santo

As your instructor this is my goal for you. 

What  is Liberty Training? 

Our goal is to connect with our horse without ropes and tools. You will achieve this connection through exercises on the ground.

What is the Liberty Club?

We will meet once a month in different locations to

practice new Liberty moves.

With your monthly membership of $30 you will also have

access to the growing videos about liberty moves.


  • Club Meetings - Monthly Membership $30 includes

  1. Once a month meeting together to practice certain Liberty moves.

  2. A growing number of videos for you and your horse to practice at home.

  3. A once-a-month potluck dinner hosted at Holy Spirit and Horses (weather permitting) and

  4. One competition at Holy Spirit and Horses for all club members in the Fall.

Do you want to meet more than Once a month?

Here are some options

Liberty Training

  1. Competition Level #1 – 2 lessons a week and any club meeting $400 a month

  2. Competition Level #2 – 1 lesson a week and any club meeting $200 a month

These are private lessons preparing you for competitions with the International Liberty Horse Association. All these competitions are done in the arena, we video it on a specific day and send it in. Check them out at

  1. Group lessons #1 – up to 4 people in the group 2 lessons a week and any club meeting $280 a month.

       Tuesday and Thursday 10am or

       Monday and Wednesday 4pm

   2. Group Lessons #2 – up to 4 people in the group 1 lesson a week and           any club meeting $140 a month

       Wednesday at 10am or Thursday at 4pm

    3. You would like extra lessons but can't schedule to far in advance

          Private Lessons $55

          Group Lesson of 2 or more people $45 each

I am always open to suggestions, feel free to text/call me (916)872-3879 Caroline

All payments are due the 1st of the month.

Call Caroline to schedule Lessons (916)872-3879


  • What do I wear? Closed toed Shoes, pants and appropriate top for the weather.

  • Can I bring my own horse? Yes 

Any other questions please call Caroline (916)872-3879



"I have absolutely loved
my time with Caroline
and the horses! I've
always loved and wanted
horses so this was the 
next best thing.

My Experience with Caroline
took me from knowing
nothing to feeling
comfortable and at home 
with horses.

Learning to
care for them and just learning
how to let time be my friend.
I didn't know horses could bring
such peace and harmony
into my life after 60!!"

Getting a hug from Tari!
Learn to be quiet with
your horse
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