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Holy Spirit and Horses has one purpose for adults, to help you discover why you were created. Psalm 37:4-5 Find your delight and genuine pleasure in Yahweh, and he will give you what you desire the most. Give God the right to direct your life; as you trust him along the way, you'll find he will pull it off perfectly!

Through personal growth, learning who you are, how God looks at you, and what God-Driven purpose you were created for, you will live the life you were created for.


Up Coming Workshops

Teenagers in Nature

Youth Workshop,
Febuary 26th 2022

Definition of A Leader:
the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country

This day will be for those kids that have leadership potential even if they don't think they do.
As parents we see what our kids can become. This workshop will be fun, challenging and full of new friends and horses.

When: Sunday Feb 26th

             10:30 - 3:30

Where: Foothill Equestrian Center

Cost: $40 per child

Age: 10 years old to 14 years old

          Limited to 10 kids

Click Yellow Button to Sign-Up

  • Fun

  • New Friends

  • Horses

  • Games

  • How to be a leader


Everything takes place on a horse ranch with horses. Event is rain or shine. 



12 yrs - 15 yrs old

Youth Workshop


We all have emotions, in this workshop we will explore what an emotion is and how to navigate through intense emotions that we personally have and intense emotions others around us have.


All our workshops take place in the horse arena around horses. Our horses are loose in the arena, just as the kids during the workshop, the horses are allowed to make their own choices so that they feel safe.

This demonstration of freedom is huge but subtle.


Becoming aware that our emotions either trap us or give us freedom is powerful. We can respond or react to our emotions but at the end of the day it is our choice.

This workshop is run by me (Caroline Santo) owner of Holy Spirit and Horses and by my dear friend Jessica Luna, she is in the process of obtaining her.

If you would like to join us for this workshop please click the link below.

Date: TBA

Place: TBA

Time: 10am - 3 pm

Ages: 12 yrs old - 15 yrs old



Yuth Leadership.png


Welcoming You Home

"The Gift I received by being able to forgive the person that hurt me for so many years was very freeing! A HUGE weight was lifted from my shoulders."

Welcoming You Home

"I was able to open my heart to God totally and hear him. To have complete faith and trust and love from him, gives me stregth to do what he wants me to do"

Welcoming You Home 

"Today really helped me learn a new way to quiet the world around me so that I can hear and focus on hearing who the Holy Spirit wants me to hear."

Tomi and Horse_edited.jpg

Finding your God-Driven Purpose!

Holy Spirit and Horses was a wonderful workshop teaching about working with others and horses to see how life obstacles can be overcome by listening to and talking daily with God. I also learned that many things I thought were obstacles were not that at all - God has already promised to take care of those things if I believe and trust in Him. I was reminded to be more active daily in talking to and listening to God for his step-by-step guidance. Caroline, Melissa,and the horses were so wonderful to work with - I am now more blessed and equipped than when I arrived - Hightly recommended!


 Finding Your God-Driven

Today was very enlightening. I felt more connected to myself, others, and the Lord. Caroline is amazing. She brought to my attention several things about myself and how to better myself thru connecting to our heavenly father.


 Finding Your God-Driven Purpose!

Today I leant that I am an overcomer, the use of horses and obstacles in the arena opened my eyes, thoughts and imagination to not only see the Lords hand on my life but also how to embrace obstacles. Caroline’s teaching about how the Kingdom works totally freed me from earthly bondage.

What are we up to!

Holy Spirit and Horses was started for you. In times of Crisis and vulnerability, we need each other. We need community and we need friends. Most of all we need to know that we are loved. Hugging a horse, hearing God's voice, and knowing that someone cares are all deeply rooted in Holy Spirit and Horses. 

Most people hear horses and think riding lessons. Holy Spirit and Horses is a place for those that are in transition, seeking their next step in life, those looking for more with God, those that want answers, those that are in pain and want to heal, and those that want a purpose in finding the desires God has placed in their hearts. 

All our retreats and workshops take place in the Arena with horses. (no experience needed)

All our youth workshops take place in the Arena and out of the arena for games and fun.

These last few months I have been trained in inner healing that is being incorporated into the workshops. This will allow you to release the past and open up ways to hear God clearly. The workshops are all about you and where you are at with God and where God wants you to go. Finding your purpose and identity.

This year we are adding in youth workshops, our first on is called Leadership and the next is called Emotions.

Leadership is focused on fining the leader inside while having fun and loving on horses.

Emotions, we all have them but we don't all know what they are. We are excited to connect with the youth and have fun in the Arena of Dreams with them.

Along with Workshops Holy Spirit and Horses will also become a Rescue and Sanctuary for Pregnant Mares. In times of vulnerability and crisis, people and animals are more accepting to help and leaning on others. A core value of Holy Spirit and Horses is community and love for one another.



Please Help us reach our Potential through workshops and retreats.!

We want to reach our community and change it for the better through horses!

Helping People in Transition by leaving their past behind and move into the true God-given purpose.

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