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 through Jesus Christ and horses. This program is for children and their caregivers, veterans and women that have experienced trauma!

Healing Hurting Hearts through Jesus Christ and Horses!

Getting to know you and the horse from the inside out!

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Holy Spirit and Horses
Ministry we are becoming a non-profit

Owner Caroline and Pretty Girl

             Thank you for coming to the open house, and thank you for praying for the open house. We had a wonderful time.

Here are somethings we covered :

We offer a program to anyone that has experienced trauma in their lives. What qualifies as trauma? Anything that caused you emotional or physical trauma. Each Session will have exposure to horses, that could mean, being on the ground with horses or being in the saddle.

Adult Program - Men and Women, one on one sessions. Please call/text Caroline at 916-872-3879

Kids Program - will begin September 2024 to register please call Caroline at (916)872-3879

Prayers for the Ministry

1. We need sponsors for our horses. We bring in horses of all       kinds that will be partners with children, women and veterans.
                               Click here to meet our horses.

2. We need volunteers that have a love for horses (no experience needed) Click here for more information.


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Horse Rider

Everything at Holy Spirit and Horses can be summed up in friends and God!

Kids learning to be leaders
Women knowing God loves them!
Caroline and Gypsy connecting


Welcoming You Home

"The Gift I received by being able to forgive the person that hurt me for so many years was very freeing! A HUGE weight was lifted from my shoulders."

Welcoming You Home

"I was able to open my heart to God totally and hear him. To have complete faith and trust and love from him, gives me stregth to do what he wants me to do"

Welcoming You Home 

"Today really helped me learn a new way to quiet the world around me so that I can hear and focus on hearing who the Holy Spirit wants me to hear."

Tomi and Horse

Finding your God-Driven Purpose!

Holy Spirit and Horses was a wonderful workshop teaching about working with others and horses to see how life obstacles can be overcome by listening to and talking daily with God. I also learned that many things I thought were obstacles were not that at all - God has already promised to take care of those things if I believe and trust in Him. I was reminded to be more active daily in talking to and listening to God for his step-by-step guidance. Caroline, Melissa,and the horses were so wonderful to work with - I am now more blessed and equipped than when I arrived - Hightly recommended!


 Finding Your God-Driven

Today was very enlightening. I felt more connected to myself, others, and the Lord. Caroline is amazing. She brought to my attention several things about myself and how to better myself thru connecting to our heavenly father.

Claudia and Sparks

 Finding Your God-Driven Purpose!

Today I leant that I am an overcomer, the use of horses and obstacles in the arena opened my eyes, thoughts and imagination to not only see the Lords hand on my life but also how to embrace obstacles. Caroline’s teaching about how the Kingdom works totally freed me from earthly bondage.

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